Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let's get medieval

Sometimes you just stumble across good stuff that may stimulate that Writer's Muscle, completely by accident. I was reading Elizabeth Chadwick's blog Living the History today, and found this. It's in the latest entry. The title, The Senses in Late Medieval England, is kind of misleading, since it covers "earlier" medieval times as well. It's apparently a "scholarly" book, but the kind that, for writers writing in the period(or any other period a "scholar" may cover, which interests the writer), can add interesting detail that can help flesh out a story. It seems to have many examples, e.g. making the sign of the crosss when yawning, to prevent devils from entering the body through the mouth. Sounds wonderfully stimulating!
Anne G


Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Anne, it's a fascinating book. It doesn't go in chronological timescale as such, but meanders sense by sense, so you'll get 11thc stuff mingled in with the 14thC but that's not a complaint, just an observation. I'm not easily impressed these days, but this taught me a lot of new things and managed to be entertaining at the same time. it's not often you come across books like this.

Anne Gilbert said...

You know, it really looked like an interesting book. I have no idea whether I can find it locally, or will have to go to some place like Amazon to get it, but it looks like the kind of book I could use, to add interesting details to my own (rather sprawly) narrative! Thanks for mentioning it!