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Redheaded Neanderlady
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introducing "The Cranky Linguist"

Today, I would like to introduce the blog The Cranky Linguist, created by Ronald Kephart.  Ron is a linguistic anthropologist who teaches at, I believe, Florida State University(my apologies if I don't have this right; I will cheerfully correct this if necessary). Much of his subject matter doesn't seem to have much to do with my writing, but since linguistics is the study of language, and language -- any language that a writer speaks -- is used in writing, it is, in this sense, relevant.  Of course, Ron has a lot to say about all sorts of things.  While the things he talks about may not appear relevant at first, I would like to believe that at least some of them would be of interest to any writer with half a brain.  Take, for example, this post, written back in early May.  Dr. Kephart has his own "take" on the incident in question, and expands it into some questions of a type I generally don't go into on The Writer's Daily Grind.  But.  However.  From a writer's point of view -- oh, the possibilities!  He paints a very dramatic scene. I can picture it quite easily. And if I was a writer like, say, Stephen King, I might use something like that, to lead into something even more dark and dramatic.  But then, I'm a writer, not a linguist, and while I share some of Dr. Kephart's views of certain ongoing problems and events, I"m primarily a writer, not a linguist, and I'm not primarily "political" in my orientation.   But still. . . . .So, I will have a look at The Cranky Linguist from time to time, and urge anyone else who wishes to drop in, to do so.  I am sure he would love some visitors!

Anne G

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