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Redheaded Neanderlady
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spam, spam, spam!

I seem to have been having some trouble with spam, sent to this blog, lately.  I don't know if any other bloggers I'm connected with have been having this trouble.  You, Gentle Reader, won't see it. Because I've been rejecting it every time I see it.  Some of it is just laughable. One idiot sent me some spam --in Russian, probably via some basement in Moscow.  Or St. Petersburg.  Or God-knows-where, Siberia.  In any case, the stupid idiot apparently didn't count on the fact I can read Russian(though not so well as I once could), so I understood perfectly, this stupid character's "advertisement" for "sexy girls".  Ugh.  Nor are you going to see those wretched Viagra ads they used to send to your e-mail.  I reject them all, dear, blog reader.  And believe me, it's going to stay that way.  But, to Blogger -- do something to filter out the crap before it gets here.  It's getting tiresome.

Anne G


Anna van Gelderen said...

I installed JS-Kit Comments ( on my Blogger blog a while ago. They use spamfilters and so far I have not been bothered by any spammers yet, but that could also be because they have not discovered me yet ;-)

Joansz said...

I haven't received any spam comments yet, but I do moderate my blog for reasons you've mentioned, Anne. So far, I haven't gotten any spam, but I think my blog is just too new.

Anne Gilbert said...

It took a while before the spammers "discovered" me. . . .but they did. I had to add moderation to the blog for this reason(to keep spammers out, not people with legitimate comments, etc).