Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
This is a photoshopped version of something I found in National Geographic about the time I started researching

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's true, Brutus is confirmed dead

Yes, it's true. the International Wolf Center has confirmed that poor Brutus the Wolf i s dead.  The cause was a musk ox, who was doubtless trying to defend itself.  Musk oxen are very good at this, and the picture of the hole in his side is about the size of a musk ox horn. The International Wolf Center works with one of the weather stations on Ellesmere Island, and some weather station people went out after snow stopped falling, and dug up his remains.  So farewell, Brutus the Wolf!  You lived a good wolf life, doing what nature intended you to do, just as the musk ox was doing what nature intended it to do.  I hope that there will be some way to continue reporting about the habits of these beautiful animals, living as they do in the High Arctic.
Anne G

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