Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
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Monday, February 9, 2009

I'd like to introduce a new blog

And the name of this blog is Anna's Bones.  It's quite new, and I came across it in another blog, Greg Laden's Blog, which is also good.  The topic of Anna's Bones like evolution, both human and nonhuman.  And apparently, a lot of other things, as well.  I don't blog much about "evolution in general"; this is primarily a writing blog.  On the other hand, I blog a lot about Neandertals, because one of them is the heroine of my Great Medieval Science Fiction Masterpiece With Neandertals, and the other two in my story are what I call "strong secondaries".  One of them is so strong that he gets a prequel of his own.  So I've had to learn a lot about them to make my story credible.  For the record, I've had to learn a lot about the Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Norman period in England, too, to make my story credible.  And, for the record, "medieval-themed" material makes its way here, for obvious reasons. 


But back to Anna's Bones:  she's new in the blogosphere, and her first forays are wonderful.  One of them is an essay about Neandertals, their intelligence, capability, language, possible hybridization with early "modern" humans, and what that may mean to us, living in the 21st century.  It's what I call a "wow" essay, and well worth reading, though I am sure some who read it will disagree with it.


Welcome to the blogosphere, Anna!

Anne G


terryt said...

Thanks for that link Anne. Fits my ideas, and probably yours. But people love to see themselves as belonging to some select group, whether through race or religion, so it will be a long time before most of us are able include Neanderthals in our family.

Anne Gilbert said...

Terry, I'm glad you like the link. I'd just like to add that, in my writing and elsewhere, I'm trying to make Neandertals respectable.
Anne G