Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
This is a photoshopped version of something I found in National Geographic about the time I started researching

Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting even more medieval

Just to make up for my absence, enforced by my feeble computer, I'm promoting a link to another medieval site. This one is called The Crispin Guest Blog. Crispin Guest is the hero of a new series of medieval "noir" mysteries. Since his isn't the period I'm working with --- it's late 14th Century England --- I can't verify how accurately the period or the person is portrayed. But a "medieval noir" mystery certainly sounds, well, pretty interesting. And it's good advertising for the series. The author already has two blog entries up, and she just started the blog! Hey, maybe I'll steal that idea, and blog about Illg, Hardwin, et al. But only later on, when my Great Medieval Science Fiction Masterpiece/Epic is closer to completion! I've got lots of work to do on it yet.
Anne G

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