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Redheaded Neanderlady
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!! Number 2

I had another aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! moment this morning. It had to do with my computer. Again. I called a tech at the place where I'm supposed to be able to get help transferring my files from my old computer to my new one, which is a replacement for the laptop which broke down last week and wouldn't get on the Internet(I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed on this one). I couldn't get the external hard drive to do anything. He claimed the compter was "too old". So I still don't have my writing files, nor the pictures I've been saving and saving! I had to do that because my new computer wouldn't "recognize" my old printer. In any case, I'm pretty much back where I started from. Getting desperate, I'm going to ask for help from the family computer guru. He runs a computer system for a local school district. So I assume he knows what he's talking about, especially if he has a thumb drive or something like that, which can transfer these files.
Anne G


J. J. Hebert said...

Computers are great when they work. Horrible when they don't cooperate.

Anne Gilbert said...

J.J. Herbert:

Tell me about it. It drives me absolutely nuts when they don't. I had a writing chapter that wouldn't save last night, because the word processing program didn't want to save it the way I did. Ugh. But that was a minor annoyance. So far, my new computer works. I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed.
Anne G