Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disgusting slaughter Part 3(unfortunately)

Yes, very unfortunately.  Judge Molloy, the federal judge who, it was thought might issue an injunction against this wolf "cull"(yeah, I know, they call it a hunt), apparently wants to hear more arguments.  Defenders of Wildlife has issued another brief.  But today is September 1, and that's when this wolf "hunt" begins.  Two hopeful signs:  First, this same judge has ruled previously in favor of environmental groups re wolves(for exact details, see Ralph Maughan's Wildlife Report), and second, the hunt,at least the last I heard about it, seems to be going rather slowly, although one guy claims to have bagged a wolf.  I hope it goes slow.  Real slow.  And I hope that judged issues an injunction against it, because I hope various concerned environmental groups will be able to convince him that killing 220 wolves will result (a) in more than 220 wolf deaths and (b) eve3 from a farming and ranching POV, the hunt is really not all that necessary, because wolves don't kill that much livestock.  Finally (c) hunters, especially in Idaho, are blaming wolves for declines in elk populations.  I have a feeling that it will turn out that wolves haven't contributed all that much to decline.  Other causes are likely to be responsible.


We'll see,

Anne G

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