Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
This is a photoshopped version of something I found in National Geographic about the time I started researching

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Welcome to the Writer's Daily Grind! I'm currently writing a Great Science Fiction Masterpiece, set in medieval England, featuring --- Neandertals! I won't tell you exactly how they got there, or what they do once they arrive. That would spoil the fun! But it does combine several passions of mine, and it's part of a larger "body" of work that is set in the near future. But I'm not here to tell anybody about my story, unless they ask. The main purpose of this blog will be to share my thoughts on the work of writing, and perhaps also, to share my thoughts about the work of other interesting writing and writers I have read. For anybody who wishes to read this, please feel free to share your thoughts with me. And I especially welcome all writers, published and unpublished. I will also be linking to other sites, some of interest to writers, others of interest to a larger audience.

Thank you for visiting,
Anne Gilbert


Helen Hollick said...

How exciting! I'll call by again and see who else has left comments -- I like the sound of your idea neanderthals eh ...?

Helen Hollick

John Hartnett said...

Hi Anne.
I've followed your Anthro sites with interest for some time now. I'm a former Washingtonian (20 years in Seattle area) who's since relocated to Colorado.
Like you, I'm a writer of fiction. My passion is the earliest settlement of the Americas. My current work in progress is set on the Great Plains, circa 14,000 BP. I mention this because I'm a member of an on-line historical fiction writer's group. Although you classify your work as sci fi, if it's set in the past, it might also be considered historical. Anyway, it's a very helpful group, great critiques, a few published writers and an anthropologist among them.
If you want to know more, contact me. And best of luck with your novel!

Tim said...

Anne - congratulations on your new blog, and I wish you all good luck with it - hopefully you'll find it a very worthwhile departure - welcome to the blogosphere, as they say - Tim

altmedia said...

excellent idea for a blog!

I am also working on the Great Anthropological Novel, but more modern questions about culture and interaction, not exciting things...

I have a little writerly icon to help inspire you to great writerly success, but it's on my computer at home, so will fish it out and post later on.

See you back on AnthroL

Fiona B

Anne Gilbert said...


Wait till you see what I did with them! Also, I've added a sort of "portrait" of the heroine; she's quite a lady, so to speak. It's just too bad they couldn't save Harold!
Anne G

Anne Gilbert said...


Yes, it *is* historical! And not, it's not some alternate reality or alternate history, either. It takes place in what might be called "medieval real time", which would require a certain amount of "backstory" to explain, and has some very real people in it. The Neandertals aren't "real" of course, but they interact with real events. BTW, it's turned into a mighty trilogy. Don't even ask when I'm going to look for a publisher. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the second book, though, and when I get through with everything, I'll try to get the first book in shape, and then see what I can do for the others.

John Hartnett said...

Anne: The approach you describe is identical to what I did with mine, which also started as a trilogy. It still will be, some day.
But as I discovered, no agent wants to talk about a trilogy until book one looks viable as a moneymaker for a prospective publisher. So, long story short, after numerous submissions of book one, with lukewarm agent response, I'm in the midst of rewriting it. That's where this writer's group has been a huge help to me.

Anne Gilbert said...


I am *still* going to write a trilogy. But. However. The way I plan to market I'm planning to get Book 1 in "shape" first, then market that. Originally, I planned to write just one book(it was originally going to be rather simple). The trouble was, it has a long "story arc" --- almost ten years --- and there are some really complex events I have to deal with, not to mention, more or less a "cast of thousands", though there are really ony three main characters. I think you're right to advise caution, but since it's kind of a "crapshot" out there, from everything I've heard, I can't see any point at this time, in changing my approach. IOW, apparently some publishers actually think "series" are marketable, while others might not want to take a chance. I don't know. I'll just have to try to keep on doing what I'm doing. But I will keep everyone posted on my various trials and tribulations, whatever they may be. And I'll let everyone know when this thing gets published, if it ever does.
Anne Gilbert