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Redheaded Neanderlady
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rowling update

For all of you who may be wondering what J.K.Rowling is doing for an encore, now that she has finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, here is a teaser(nope, no spoilers here).

You can find it here:

I make this the first of my "writing" posts, just because I have finished the final book, and plan to reread the entire series again in a bit(I didn't buy the first four books; I read them in rapid succession, courtesy of my local library, but I will be purchasing those). It is also interesting that, in one way, Rowling's "writing program" is not so different from mine. Oh, she is far more organized. I am into the second book of my trilogy and have realized that I should have, among other things, started with a timeline and a list of at least the major characters, instead of just plunging in. Worse, there aren't any indications of how much time has passed in any of the chapters, which is important, since it covers a nine-year slice of medieval time. Rowling was much more organized than I am, that way. About all I can say is, this allowed me to shape my story, which was originally quite simple, more fully. It also allowed me to add some characters who will probably get their own stories eventually, though not exactly part of this one. They were originally quite minor characters.

But in one way, Rowling and I are much alike: Both of us have apparently experienced stories that demand to be written. I have some other potential novels, sitting partly finished, that I will get back to(hint: there are Neandertals in them, but the setting is the near future). But this trilogy, tentatively called The Invaders, just kept insistently calling and calling and calling to me, until I couldn't stand it any more, and I had to start writing! And I'm still at it, plugging away, though it is, at times, a hard slog. But I'm still at it, even though the "creative impulse" sometimes seems very faint. Fortunately, I also have support from various sources, which is an absolute must for an aspiring writer

Oh, and thanks for all that support,
Anne G

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