Redheaded Neanderlady

Redheaded Neanderlady
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Friday, January 2, 2009

My first blog post of 2009, and it’s not medieval or Neandertal

I connect to some writing sites from time to time, the blog site Cute Writing being one of the more useful.  In this case, the current blog has some very useful tips for writers, which you can find here


I especially like the part about thinking you’re better, or worse, than your “mentor”.  I used to do this a lot, and think my writing would never be the “equal” of, say, Terry Brooks.  I mention Terry Brooks, because my very first attempt at writing, was something more or less modeled after his Sword of Shannara books.  And I realized, in the middle of the second draft of this work of art, that this approach wasn’t working at all, because I wasn’t controlling my writing(among other things).  It was at this point that, happily enough, I got the idea for my Invaders trilogy(which wasn’t a trilogy at that point).  I also liked the part about not “writing flamboyantly”.  I’m still working at that, but nobody who has critiqued my stuff so far, seems to think what I’m doing is overdoing it, so I guess I’m “doing” something right.


I read, and write, a lot(though I guess some people don’t.  All writers give this advice, and I can see why.  The more you read, the more you’re exposed to what works and what doesn’t.  And there’s a lot of “what doesn’t work actually out there on the shelves, for you to read or buy.  I know, ‘cause I’ve seen it.  It also helps me see more of what I’m doing in my own writing.  I hope this will make me a better writer. 


Finally, I haven’t made any New Years’ resolutions yet.  Maybe I should, and start by resolving to avoid these mistakes writers often make.  Who knows?  Maybe at the end of the year, I can send out a manuscript, and it will actually be publishable.

Anne G

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